Q: How do I measure my dog's neck?

A: Using a measuring tape, measure around your dog's neck as tight as you would want the collar. This will be how the collar will sit, with at least one extra hole tighter and one extra hole looser.

Q: Where do you ship to?

A: We are currently shipping to Canada and the 48 contiguous United States for $15 for orders up to $180.00. If you are out of North America, please contact us at info@kodacollars.com and we'd love to give you a shipping quote!

Q: I live in Edmonton and don't want to pay for shipping- can we meet and waive the shipping fee?

A: Yes! Just send us an email to info@kodacollars.com with which collar you would like and we can meet.

Q: Do I have to have a PayPal account to purchase anything?

A: No, you may also pay with a credit card without having a PayPall account. When you are viewing your shopping cart, click on the orange Check Out button at the bottom right. On the next page on the right side, near the middle of the page you will see "Pay with a credit card".

Q: How can I prolong the life of my leather dog collar?

A: Your leather dog collar will last longer if you condition it using a leather cream conditioner or oil every so often. The amount depends on the dog's activities but the more Fido goes in the water, the more it should be conditioned to prevent drying out.

Q: How can I prevent stretching?

A: One way to prevent stretching is to take the leather collar off your dog when it's wet and let it dry naturally.

Q: Will the dye bleed?

A: Sometimes the dye may bleed, mostly when it is new and exposed to water, just like a new shirt may bleed in the wash. The dye is non-toxic.

Q: Will the leather soften up over time?

A: Yes, the oils from your dog will soften the leather, creating a natural, comfortable collar.

Q: Where will my dog's name or the word I choose be stamped on the collar?

A: The name or word will be stamped on the tongue of the collar. If you are getting The Basic Name Collar or The Tagless Collar the name will be stamped in the middle of the collar.

Q: Will my dog collar be exactly as pictured?

A: Each collar is handmade so they will be unique in their own way. Because the collars will vary in size, the pattern may be shortened or extended.

Q: Why a Koda collar?

A: Koda collars are unique in that they are hand-made and personalized for your dog. This means you can have your dog's name stamped, choose the colour of the collar and choose the decorations. We use your dog's exact measurements to be sure it will fit perfect! The dog collars are hand-made in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. You can be assured we use 100% leather, unlike many other collars that say they are leather but are actually a mix of leather and other questionable materials.

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